Why it’s good to be different

As I spend Sunday night on the lounge along with 1.5 million other Australians watching The Voice, I am reminded, once again, just how important music is, universally, to all of us. It moves us, changes our mood, reminds us of another time and brings us together.

There is one man that knows better than most of us just how music can affect us. Glenn A Baker is not only passionate about music, he lives and breathes it. Known as both a walking encyclopaedia of music and ‘the rock brain of the universe’ Glenn has spent a life talking about, listening to , writing about and speaking on music and musicians.

No-one could accuse Glenn of being boring. He has led a life that sounds like fiction to most of us – from meeting Fidel Castro to hanging out the Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones, Glenn has done it all.

When Glenn came into our studios to be filmed, he jokingly told us that he was turning his phone off, in case anyone in rock and roll ‘passed away’ since he was the “go to” person that everyone came to for comment when anyone famous in music died.

So just how do you get to be a rock historian? Glenn shared the secret that he really just ‘made it up’.

I loved that he actually created his own job category, as well as his job. And it really struck me that people like Glenn A Baker are few and far between. His view on life, and how to live it, is so different than most of us – which has led him to leading a truly extraordinary one.

I have to wonder; are we celebrating different thinking and a unique perspective today? Are we encouraging the next generation of Glenn A Bakers? As I watch the contenders go through on The Voice and see the joy of music on the faces of those contestants, I can understand Glenn A Baker’s fascination with music, and I am glad to have shared some time with him to hear his remarkable tales of music greats. It reminds me of something one of my favourite guests on The Bottom Line, Bryce Courtenay, wrote; “It is our differences that make us great, not our sameness”

For Australian treasures like Glenn A Baker, it truly is good to be different.