Gonski’s contribution and the search for leadership

First Published: MARCH 13,2013

There is no doubt David Gonski is one of the most influential people in business and politics today. His high profile work with the Gonski Review has put education firmly on the political agenda and has raised the publics’ awareness of our need as a nation to further invest in education.

For David, this may well be his enduring legacy – to ensure that all Australian children have equal opportunity and access to a good education, no matter what socio-economic background they come from.

The education system needs champions like David – for it is only someone with a voice respected enough, connections broad enough and experience deep enough, that could truly have an effect on our whole view of how we fund education as a country.

It is easy to see that David is not afraid of hard work. Making Partner in a major law firm at the age of 25 shows that by nature he is both determined and dedicated. His work in philanthropy shows he also has a social conscience and a commitment to levelling social injustice.

In fact he is calling on more people to join the philanthropy cause – in one of our very first interviews for The Bottom Line four years ago, David said to us: “it is not enough to just be in business, you’ve got to be doing something.” He made this comment with such passion and conviction that it always stuck with me.

Perhaps Australia needs to lean more on people like David Gonski to get things done. It seems our political system has been hamstrung by for want of a better term; politics, and that Australia is in need of some leadership from other sources. This is why we created The Bottom Line in the first place – to show Australians and the rest of the world contemporary examples of real leadership.

Over the coming year we will be seeking out more leaders from all walks of life who are doing amazing work to change Australia for the better. Not all of them will come from business – leadership exists everywhere, but they will all have one thing in common with the likes of David – the ability to use their unique talents to make a difference on a major scale.

Feel free to write to us via the site and tell who you think we should be talking to – and why Australia needs to hear their story. We have really enjoyed your feedback to date, and have already locked in more amazing leaders to share their stories with you soon.