Australian Senator Threatens Protestors

Pauline Hanson, Queensland Senator, has been banned from Twitter after posting a video online that encouraged using cattle prods on protestors.

Twitter quickly banned the video, in line with its terms of service agreement, which forbids violent threats against individuals or groups of people. Senator Hanson was quick to cry liberal bias, claiming on her website:

“The left has bullied Twitter into suspending my account, yet others who are quite vicious are free to keep going on with their ill-informed rubbish.”

A bucolic message of equal treatment

The video, still available on Hanson’s Facebook page, begins with the One Nation Party founder carrying and describing a cattle prod and how farmers use it to incite stubborn cattle to move, no matter “how big the beast.” She walks in a field amongst circling horses and parked trucks, wearing farmer gear.

She then brings up the recent climate protests in Brisbane, as well as protestors alleged plans to block routes to and from airports. After asking viewers to imagine themselves needing “to take a loved one to the hospital…and the protestors are there,” Hanson proposes a “solution: just use one of these [gestures prod affectionately with both hands] on them.”

Call for change

Doubling down on her agrarian solution, Hanson then moves beyond imagined assault to a mock-serious proposal for Queensland legislators: equip the police force with cattle prods. Invoking her party’s slogan, she asks whether Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk “has the guts to actually give it to police to actually start using these. I would.”

One Nation Party apparel, featuring Pauline Hanson’s name, likeness, and claims of having “got the guts,” can be purchased on her Facebook page. Her books, which make claims of Aboriginal infant cannibalism, and predicts that Australia could have a lesbian Chinese-Indian cyborg president named Poona Li Hung, can be found online and in stores now.