The Bottom Line is a leadership initiative.

Together, in 2009, we created The Bottom Line as a platform to bring together iconic leaders from all walks of life to share their deep insights on success, challenge and the opportunities for all of us.

Our union, that of a trusted educator and innovative storyteller, is aimed at bringing a new voice to leadership – a positive voice that challenges the status quo for the Australian and global business and political community.


At the core of the organisation is a unique and innovative approach to communications which starts with listening to its audiences needs.  Bottomline TV Australia uses a multi-platform and channel approach stretching across the full spectrum of traditional and new media, from television to tweets, delivering messages to a diverse, engaged global audience of millions.

Bottomline TV works to proactively influence the direction of meaningful reform in Australia and overseas, supporting leadership at the highest level and at the same time fostering development of future leaders.


We put the emphasis on ‘educating the educators’ by delivering new techniques to wealth advisers, to assist them in better communicating and serving the wider population around finance and business principles. The practical outcome of this is prosperity for all – better equipped, qualified and successful wealth professionals will create more long-term prosperity for all Australians.

Our creative approach to education sets us apart and makes us part of the new breed of communicators who are acknowledging the way people learn needs to change in line with their demanding work and life commitments. We work on a mix of wholly owned, joint venture and client funded content and education projects.


Media interested in The Bottom Line please contact:

Email: info@bottomlinetv.com.au