Vaccinations for COVID-19 begin just in time for Christmas

Christmas may well have come early for some who have already begun receiving one of the rapidly developed coronavirus vaccines. Vaccination for the coronavirus has been a large, and sometimes only, source of hope for many who have felt largely impacted by its social, economic and health effects. Vaccines have been developed most notably in the US, the UK, Russia and China, who are all competing to be the first vaccine available on the mass market. Not only will the results of a successful vaccine be felt by many who can see life return slowly back to ‘normal’ with the resumption of usual business and socialising activities, but it will also mean a dominating market share, as well as favourable international image, for the country who can get there first. 

So what are some of the options?

In China, where the outbreak originally started, the Sinopharm has been making news headlines around the world for its recent 86% efficiency in recent trials in the United Arab Emirates. The Sinopharm vaccine comes from the state-owned pharmaceutical company China National Biotec Group Co Ltd (CNBG), who are in charge of the Sinopharm Group of which the Sinopharm vaccine is just one or two being trialled. The trial took place abroad in the United Arab Emirates due to the low rate of community transmission currently in China itself. 

Elsewhere in the USA, the most prominent vaccine Moderna has already begun being issued to frontline healthcare workers across the US. The vaccine has been shown to be of 94% efficiency at preventing the coronavirus during its preliminary trial stages. The vaccine can not come too soon for Americans who have for a long time been at the epicentre of the outbreak, with daily cases and deaths continuing to rise. Statistics for early December 2020 show a continuing trend of high death rate, with roughly 2,500 people a day dying from COVID-19, contributing to a total of over 300,000 deaths so far this year. 

Both England’s AstraZeneca and Russia’s Sputnik vaccine have also been featuring prominently in the news as potentials for a highly efficient vaccine result.