Rescue operation underway for miners trapped underground in China

There is a rescue operation well underway for miners trapped underground in China. The miners have been trapped for 11 days since a blast went off in the mine, accidentally trapping them underground. The 22 men have been in contact with the outside world and receiving small amounts of food and water for their survival as plans for their rescue continue to be strategized. 

The blast took place on January 10th 2021 in a gold mine in the Yantai region of the Shandong province on the northeast coast of China. One member of the team has been confirmed dead by the remaining men, whilst their own fates continue to hang in the balance. The man that died is said to have received a serious head injury in the blast, and two others are said to be in fairly critical conditions and feeling ‘weak’. Over half of the workers remain missing and are presumed dead having not been heard from so far. 

Medical supplies as well as food and water have been sent down to the men who are trapped about 350 metres (1,148 feet) underground in the middle section of the mine. Simple supplies of rice porridge have been requested and sent down to the miners whilst they await their rescue. 

The rescue operation is a large scale endeavour from the roughly 600 specialists involved. This includes engineers looking at strategies to drill into the mine and create a rescue shaft for the miners, as well as trauma specialists, neurosurgeons and even psychologists and over 20 ambulances that are waiting at the blast site.

Other notable rescue operations that made the global news include the Chile mine rescue of 2010, when 33 miners were rescued from a gold and copper mine. The miners had spent 69 days underground when they were finally rescued from the earth in the middle of October.