R Kelly on trial for sex trafficking

The now infamous R&B star R Kelly is finally facing his day in court for multiple sex trafficking and abuse claims by multiple women. Kelly was initially arrested in Chicago in 2019 by the New York City Police Department (NYPD), before being interned in jail in Brooklyn. The case, which has been delayed several times due to the ongoing crisis of the coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic, is now continuing without a spectating audience as a virus protection safety measure. 

Most notably in the court case is the singer’s marriage to teenager Aaliyah, who he married using a fake ID at age 15. It has been revealed through the court case that the marriage was a result of the young aspiring singer becoming pregnant with Kelly’s child. Aaliyah went on to become a well-known singer on the R&B scene, however she tragically died in a plane crash in 2001 and has been unable to testify as a result. 

Kelly, now 54, has been accused of nine acts of racketeering – the legal definition of which involves moving a woman or girl over state lines for immoral purposes. The definition comes under the 1910 law, the Mann Act. Kelly is set to face a jury of seven men and five women to judge his accused acts. 

Other stories include women who claim they were locked in rooms, drugged and sexually abused, as well as claims the singer even recorded his sexual abuse of minors. Others say they were forced into sexual acts by Kelly with threats of violence as repurcussions if they did not comply. 

Despite being labelled a predator who exploited his fame and fortune to lure young women, boys and girls backstage, Kelly’s defense claims the star was open about his multiple relationships. The singer, who became most well known for his hit single ‘I believe I can fly’, is now forced to sit behind bars as he awaits the conclusion of his trial.