Nearly 500 protestors from US Capitol storm arrested

The Biden-Trump election of 2020 has been one of the most tense and closely followed US Presidential elections of living memory. With arguments in the lead-up surrounding postal voting, to accusations of voter fraud and calls for a miscount dominating the narrative in the following weeks. Trump infamously has still not out right admitted his loss and, unlike most previous presidents, refused to concede, even when it was clear Biden had won. 

Just over four months later and the rally for then president Donald Trump that culminated in a storming of the US Capitol building is making headlines once again. What started as a typical election rally for the President in Washington D.C., the capital of the United States of America and home of the presidential White House, quickly descended into chaos as protestors lunged towards the Capitol building. 

The now legendary day of January 6th 2021 will go down in history as a dark day for democracy. Arguably spurred on and encouraged by the president himself, protestors stormed the Capitol building, stopping the session in motion, in a bid to prevent the democratic process from taking place. Not wanting to admit defeat, Trump was slow to condemn the violent and aggressive trespassing and activities from protestors as they overran the building. 

The FBI is now looking to prosecute nearly 500 of the protestors involved in the attack. As of the beginning of May, 440 people had been arrested for crimes relating to the storming of the Capitol. In the landmark number of prosecutions, the FBI is using the huge amount of evidence available on social media to prosecute perpetrators. There will be varying levels of prosecution involved, with actions of individuals taken into consideration alongside counter-arguments that they were acting legally on behalf of the president. It is unclear what type of retribution there will be for the five people who died from the siege and the 130 police officers that were subsequently injured.