G7 leaders meet the Queen in Cornwall

All eyes have been on the UK this week as the G7 summit has taken place, gathering leaders from the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, France and Italy, plus the EU. The leaders have met in a variety of locations to discuss a range of pressing global topics. Most notably the meeting was the first time new US President Joe Biden was able to make his appearance on the global stage in his new role. It was also his first time meeting the Queen of the UK and the worldwide commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II. 

Topics for the summit included a range of topics, from the World Health Organisation’s COVAX vaccination distribution programme to how countries can unite in the fight against climate change. In a culmination of activities, the leaders met with Queen Elizabeth II and her accompanying cast of royal members including Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall herself, Camilla Parker Bowles. Prince William and Kate were also in attendance with their gang of royal offspring. Meghan and Harry did not, however, make an appearance. 

The meeting took place over a luxurious banquet at the Eden project. The Eden project is famous for being the world’s largest indoor rainforest and is formed from an old converted clay mining pit. The project transformed the site with its giant honeycomb-like structures that make up the two larger green houses. Thousands of species are preserved for biodiversity as a result of the project that was initially set up in May 2000 to mark the turn of the millennium. 

The G7 is a meeting of the world’s most powerful nations. They have been meeting since the late 1970s and will choose different locations around the world to meet each year. The G7 meeting will usually cover a range of topics, and focus on what is considered the most pressing at the time. Items on the agenda this year included the pandemic, climate change and recent Brexit negotiations with the UK and Ireland.