Defining the DNA of a thought leader

First Published by Vanessa Stoykov – Group Chief Executive evolution media group, 2013.

When you work in the media and in business, you hear the phrase ‘thought leadership’ an awful lot.

Everyone wants to be a thought leader, and wants their organisation to be known for creating thought leadership.

But when you strip back what thought leadership is all about, it really comes down to having a view, or theory on why things could or should be different than the status quo. Merely agreeing with the way things work now, or being clever at managing the current system is not being a thought leader.

Having the privilege of getting to know the great leaders who have featured in The Bottom Line program has confirmed my suspicions that real leaders are in indeed first and foremost thought leaders. 

They don’t crave popular approval. They trust their gut instinct, even if warned against it. They take risks because the pay-offs are worth it. They have a social conscience and want to make the world a better place. The way they think defines their actions, and they are unwavering in standing for something and challenging the status quo.

These principles almost sound old fashioned in today’s world of opinion polls and political correctness. It seems our political landscape is crying out for some of these leadership qualities, and the scrutiny of the media means many don’t want to step forward.

In a world that needs leadership more than ever, The Bottom Line is committed to bringing you the best of thought leadership, from some of the world’s most admirable names.

The alumni of The Bottom Line come from all walks of life, and from all industries. The common thread amongst them all, however, is their ability to think differently, and act on that thinking to create something new.

I invite you to laugh, learn, cry, debate and celebrate with us as we bring leadership to light in a whole new way. When Alex Malley and I sat in a coffee shop and dreamed up the concept of the The Bottom Line, we always knew it was bigger than us and our organisations. In many ways, The Bottom Line is our legacy too – for telling the stories of some of our best leaders will surely pave the way for change and encourage the next generation of thought leaders.

Whether or not you agree with you what our leaders have to say, I encourage you to join the conversation. The more voices that can be heard, the better a society we become.

I look forward to getting to the bottom line on leadership with you,