David Cameron accused of lobbying

Ex-Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron has been at the heart of a recent and escalating lobbying scandal currently happening in Westminster right now. The previous Prime Minister resigned in 2016 amidst another political scandal – the UK referendum, before Theresa May then stepped in to fill his shoes. Now, although years out of office, he finds himself embroiled in rising tensions surrounding the role of lobbying in UK politics. 

The scandal began as texts to Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak’s personal phone from David Cameron emerged that seemed rather too friendly for many people. Cameron seems to be lobbying the Chancellor in the messages for his now employees Greensill. It seems the company was hoping to get access to the hundred of thousands of pounds that had been allocated as part of the COVID-19 coronavirus relief package. 

The scheme however was not meant to be used as a lending scheme so Greensill did not meet the criteria as they were wanting to relend that money out. Greensill was in the business of lending money out to companies so they could pay their supplies, however due to unfulfilled loans the company has gone into administration this month. 

Anneliese Dodds, the shadow chancellor for the Labour party has condemned her opposition’s actions: “This is public money, and the processes involved in decision-making should be fully transparent and beyond reproach.” She went on to declare that “We need a full and thorough investigation into what’s happened here.” For Labour the amount of access afforded to Greensill in comparison to others is cause for concern, especially when it comes to direct commercial interests for the company.  

Cameron, who had so far been keeping quiet in light of the whole furor, has now been called upon to testify and give evidence at the enquiries into Greensill. Chancellor Sunak will also join him on the witness stand.