Christine Nixon – A role model, leader and nobody’s fool

First Published: APRIL 02, 2013

Christine Nixon is, without doubt, one of the most impressive women I have ever met. To have the courage to serve at the very top of our police force, take on the police corruption and, quite simply, lead without ego, is both admirable and unique.

While Christine is friendly, approachable and down to earth, she is also determined, and has a strong opinion on any topic you can think of. She is not concerned with being politically correct and says what she thinks – which is refreshing in this day and age.

In her interview with Alex she was extremely candid about her whole career – from telling the corrupt cops face-to-face she was shutting them down, to her handling of the Black Saturday bush fires, and what she learned about leadership from the incident.

I found it hard to believe that some people could define Christine Nixon by that one incident. While what happened was terrible and a human tragedy, there was no possible way that the situation would have been different if Christine had been present. Christine did acknowledge however, that leadership in crisis situations means being there, as a figure of leadership for people to take comfort from, or to turn to. She dealt with the criticism and public backlash with dignity and grace that few people could do so well.

I also respected the fact that Christine chose to march in the Gay Pride parade with the Victorian police force. The difference she made by standing up for minorities, and making the Victorian police force ‘the best it could be’ was memorable and showed courage and a belief in what was right.

While there are many incredible women in business and our community today, there are few who have achieved what Christine Nixon has. Her courage, spirit and determination are an inspiration to generations that follow, and I am extremely proud that we are able to tell her story. A story which is by no means over, as she continues her important work with micro-finance provider Good Shepherd – another effort to make a difference in the lives of millions of Australians.

Christine Nixon truly does represent leadership at its best – not always perfect, but totally honest, dedicated and true.